Ethics and Environment


Coaching ethics is my inner compass and a healthy basis for a trusting cooperation.

I believe in resources rather than weaknesses.
I do my job professionally, independently and responsibly.
I am constantly striving for my further training and development.
I value clear, mutual agreements on goals and processes.
I refuse jobs that do not correspond to my skills and values.
I avoid conflicts of interest and choose transparency.
I work with the aim of making myself redundant in the end.
I guarantee confidential handling of information and destroy it at the end of the coaching.
Information is only passed on in consultation with the client or if required by law.
I expressly distance myself from organizations that conflict with the basic democratic order.


My environmental awareness has led me to switch to virtual coaching after many years of business travel.

With virtual coaching, there is no need to travel. This leads to far less CO2 emissions.
My workflow is completely digitized – from making contact, coaching to billing.
Part of my turnover goes to environmental organizations.

Picture: Bikepacking with my son. We pitch our tent on campsites.