Executive Coach Profile – Olivier Fantl

Olivier Fantl Executive Coach


My name is Olivier Fantl. I’ve been a full time executive coach since 2004. Let me be your sparring partner. The work brings measurable results so that you get a multiple return on investment. We will be working together online. This saves you a lot of time and money.


I saw the light of day in 1970.
Two meters of enthusiasm for people.
Father of an incredible son.
Two months a year under palm trees.
You meet me in flesh and blood while climbing, ski touring or mountaineering.
I need a break twice a day: Qigong in the morning, meditation in the evening.

Core Competencies

  • C-Level
  • Large Corporations
  • International
  • Equally proficient in English, German and French
  • Online


  • Full time executive coach since 2004
  • Manager 1994-2003: Alcatel, Viag Interkom, Telesoft, Completel (marketing & strategy)


  • Dipl. Groupe ESSEC (Paris, 1994), Business School International Management
  • Dipl. Betriebswirt (Dortmund, 1994), Fachhochschule, major in Marketing
  • Distinction as „Senior Coach DBVC“ (Deutscher Bundesverband Coaching)
  • Certified coach: 2 year training with “Dietz Training”, DBVC certified
  • Trainings e.g. in systemic consulting, transaction analysis
  • Qigong/TCM (body therapy), 4 year training with “ASS-Institut”, DDQT certified
  • 20 years of mindfulness meditation practice (vipassana)


  • Favorite sparring partner of hundreds of C-Level executives worldwide
  • Listed in coaching pools of large corporations
  • Verified references from umbrella association DBVC and RAUEN database, two renowned coaching institutions in Germany


Alexander, CEO, Automotive

I emerge stronger from the coaching and have learned a lot about myself, which I can use very well in my daily work.

Paul, CFO, High Tech

The thrust and sustainability of the impulses is huge.

Adelaide, CEO, Fashion

Mr. Fantl convinced me. You can hear experience, competence and fun at work from every word.

Markus, Board of Directors, Banking

I was impressed by his calm, knowledgeable demeanor. I hope that I will find the time to have some more coaching.

Harry, VP Marketing, High Tech

Essential help for self-help – structured, focused, effective.

Thorsten, VP Sales, High Tech

I found Mr. Fantl to be a very considerate coach who made the coaching process goal-oriented and safe.

Gabriele, VP Marketing, Pharma

The whole coaching process with Mr. Fantl was both professional and pleasant. He listens carefully and asks the right questions.

Stephanie, VP HR, Banking

I can unreservedly recommend Mr. Fantl, as he has the gift of adapting to individual needs.

Jack, VP, Logistics

Mr. Fantl clearly emphasized my strengths. In addition, Mr. Fantl understood very well how to convert my weaknesses into positive energy and signals.

My Tools

Sparring and Feedback

Sometimes you would like me to just listen, then you want a lively exchange. Once in a while you wish a straightforward opinion or an advice. I will also give you a constructive feedback on your improvements during our coaching.

Systemic Questions

Systemic questions are often unconventional and can expand your field of perception. This results in tailor-made solutions. Examples of systemic questions: “How would an outsider describe the problem?”, “How would you know that the problem is solved?”.

Systemic Constellation

I use your brain’s natural tendency to spatially represent complex processes. This spatialization of certain parts of the system (e.g. roles or people) enables a better understanding of systems. This leads to problem solving and decisions in an intuitive way.

Inner Team

You may want to overcome you weaker self or control other parts of you. They are all members of your inner team. Working with the inner team leads to greater self-motivation and stronger leadership.

Transaction Analysis

Psychological approach to understand one’s own biography. Very valuable as a diagnostic tool to better grasp your concerns and personality.

Mental Training

Prepare for future tasks and situations through imagination. Especially helpful for presentations, negotiations and conflict situations. Also interesting for controlling behavior that is not being helpful.


With the help of various role plays, video feedback, understanding of interactions and personality types, we work on your communication skills and help resolve conflicts.


Targeted use of metaphors in coaching. Visualisation and drawing help you to put yourself in certain situations or to illustrate complex processes.

Value and Meaning

A set of tools to understand and sharpen your own value system. Tools for finding a new position in your own life. Meaning of private life vs. work.


I can use it to direct your attention to your inner processes. 90% of the brain is normally inaccessible. Mindfulness training is a key to your emotions, intuition and hidden abilities.