Executive Coaching for C-Level of Large Corporations Worldwide

In these difficult times, clear leadership is more important than ever. Empathy, credibility and decision-making skills are essential. I would be glad to be your sparring partner.

Executive Coaching Olivier Fantl

Hello, my name is Olivier Fantl. I understand executive coaching as an equal exchange. You can discuss your challenges with me, set goals and achieve them. I help you develop your personality and your role as a leader.

I know what you’re talking about: I have an international business degree and in-depth management experience. I’m honored to have coached hundreds of C-Level clients from various industries over the past 20 years.

We will be working together online, per Teams or Zoom. No more costs for travel or accomodation. This way you save a lot of money and you can book me from anywhere in the world. I speak English, German and French equally well.

I would be very glad to meet you online. Call me anytime if you have questions: +49 176 3033 2693

Why You Want an Executive Coaching

Grow Your Business

Grow Your Career

Grow Your Personality

Why You Should Book Me


I have been coaching hundreds of C-Level clients of large corporations in various industries for 20 years.


I’m familiar with global corporations. You can work with me from anywhere in the world in English, German or French.


Over the course of many trainings, I have learned to apply a great number of tools, from systemic to psychology.


You can rely on my word. I do what I say. I like transparency. I know how to listen. But I can also be brutally honest with you.

Alexander, CEO, Automotive

I emerge stronger from the coaching and have learned a lot about myself, which I can use very well in my daily work.

Paul, CFO, High Tech

The thrust and sustainability of the impulses is huge.

Adelaide, CEO, Fashion

Mr. Fantl convinced me. You can hear experience, competence and fun at work from every word.

Markus, Board of Directors, Banking

I was impressed by his calm, knowledgeable demeanor. I hope that I will find the time to have some more coaching.

Harry, VP Marketing, High Tech

Essential help for self-help – structured, focused, effective.

Thorsten, VP Sales, High Tech

I found Mr. Fantl to be a very considerate coach who made the coaching process goal-oriented and safe.

Gabriele, VP Marketing, Pharma

The whole coaching process with Mr. Fantl was both professional and pleasant. He listens carefully and asks the right questions.

Stephanie, VP HR, Banking

I can unreservedly recommend Mr. Fantl, as he has the gift of adapting to individual needs.

Jack, VP, Logistics

Mr. Fantl clearly emphasized my strengths. In addition, Mr. Fantl understood very well how to convert my weaknesses into positive energy and signals.

Why You Will Love Working Online

Cost Effective

No business travels means a lot of time and cost saving.


Short, close-knit sessions keep things concrete and useful.


You can contact me anytime and from anywhere.


We take advantage of the distance to work in a more concentrated way.