Executive Coaching For Top Managers Since 2004

Sparring between peers

“You are a top manager? C-suite, managing director or vice president? So you notice that the air is thin and feedback scarce.”

I would be happy to be your sparring partner. I see executive coaching as a goal-oriented sparring between peers. You can discuss your challenges as a top manager with me, set yourself goals and achieve them.

I have been coaching top managers since 2004. Before that, I worked as a manager myself. After my business studies in Paris, I chose to work in Vienna for some time and then returned to Munich. I started off in telecommunications but today my clients come from all kinds of business fields.

I coach worldwide at a location of your choice. The working language is either English, German or French. An executive coaching lasts 3 full days or 6 half days, spread over several months. Coaching fees and expenses on request. Please do contact me for a first personal meeting.

Leading Myself

Leading People

Leading Organisations

Leadership tasks can be subdivided into self-leadership, leadership of employees and colleagues, as well as leadership of organizations. My focus is on self-leadership.

An effective top manager is a personality. He knows himself well, he has accurate goals and is focused on implementing them.

Client requests are usually complex, management problems can be entangled. For that reason we keep an eye on all leadership tasks during the entire coaching process.

“Executive coaching will strengthen your personality. We will define your goals and strategy together. As we go, we attach outmost importance on implementation.”

Why Olivier Fantl As Executive Coach?


I am a full-time coach. I specialize in top management. My focus is on self-leadership. Therefore I do have a broad experience in this market field.

At Eye Level

Business studies, a sound management experience and sixteen years of supporting top managers allow me to quickly grasp your concerns.


I can be rather straightforward with you. I know feedback is scarce at your management level. You may want to hear my honest opinion on some matter. Of course I do so with the appropriate amount of respect.


Personal development is not an end in itself in executive coaching. I discuss with you new courses of action that promise a concrete benefit for your leadership role.