Executive coaching for leaders

In these difficult times, clear leadership is more important than ever. Empathy, credibility and decision-making skills are essential. I would be happy to be your sparring partner. Our executive coaching takes place per Teams or Zoom.

Executive Coaching Olivier Fantl

Hello, my name is Olivier Fantl. Let me be you sparring partner. I understand executive coaching as an equal exchange. You can discuss your challenges with me, set goals and achieve them. I help you develop your personality and your role as a leader.

I know what you’re talking about: I myself completed an international business degree and have in-depth management experience. In the last 18 years I have been able to accompany hundreds of clients from different industries as an executive coach.

You have questions? Call me anytime +49 176 3033 2693

Why do I need executive coaching?

Why should I book you as executive coach?


I am a full-time coach. I specialize in leadership. My focus is on change in challenging times. Therefore I do have a broad experience in this market field.

at eye level

Business studies, a sound management experience and 18 years of dealing with high executives allow me to quickly grasp your concerns.


I can be rather straightforward with you. You may want to hear my honest opinion on some matter. Of course I do so with the appropriate amount of respect.


Personal development is not an end in itself in executive coaching. I discuss with you new courses of action that promise a concrete benefit for your leadership role.

Stephanie, HR Director

I can unreservedly recommend Mr. Fantl, as he has the gift of adapting to individual needs.

Alexander, CEO Global Company

I emerge stronger from the coaching and have learned a lot about myself, which I can use very well in my daily work.

Gabriele, VP Product Marketing

The whole coaching process with Mr. Fantl was both professional and pleasant. He listens carefully and asks the right questions.

Paul, CEO Global Company

The thrust and sustainability of the impulses is huge.

Markus, Board of Directors Investment Bank

I was impressed by his calm, knowledgeable demeanor. I hope that I will find the time to have some more coaching.

Jack, VP Logistics

Mr. Fantl clearly emphasized my strengths. In addition, Mr. Fantl understood very well how to convert my weaknesses into positive energy and signals.

Adelaide, CEO Model Agency

Mr. Fantl convinced me. You can hear experience, competence and fun at work from every word.

Harry, Creative Director

Essential help for self-help – structured, focused, effective

Myriam, Owner Dentist Practice

I found Mr. Fantl to be a very considerate coach who made the coaching process goal-oriented and safe.

What is my benefit from coaching over Teams or Zoom?


You can contact me anytime and from anywhere.


Short, close-knit sessions keep things concrete and useful.

cost effective

No business travels means a lot of time and cost saving.


We take advantage of the distance to work in a more concentrated way.